Old Home, Old Insulation - 5 reasons to replace your home’s insulation

As blogged on www.redfin.com, proper insulation will keep your home cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter, and will keep your utility bills down. Here's how to know if your insulation is no longer doing its job.

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Tips for reorganizing your home after a relationship break-up

As blogged on www.clutchmagonline.com, if you are in the sad situation of a recent relationship breakdown and need to get his (or hers) “stuff” out of your home, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

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DIY tips to change a doorknob in your home in 15 minutes

Always a fun DIY project that does not happen very often…..changing a door knob. If you are replacing a doorknob because it is broken or looking to update the look of your door, here are some great DIY steps courtesy of TaterTotsandJello.com.

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DIY tips to build a bar in your home

Are you looking to build a bar in your home or remodel your existing one? Here are some good DIY tips courtesy of a blog on PopularMechanics.com.

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A look at 25 kitchen backsplash inspirations

As blogged on Brit.co, out of all the rooms to remodel, the kitchen has got to be the most intimidating. Built-in cupboards, spendy appliances, and big giant counter tops… yikes. No thanks. See ya never. Well, get this. We’re giving you an entire kitchen makeover by just doing one thing – presenting you with loads of inspiration to do your own epic backsplash. This is life changing stuff here, people.

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Remodeling mistakes to avoid this Spring

As blogged on HomeInteriorZone.com, remodeling homes comes with inherent pitfalls. Many of them are easily avoided with careful planning and thinking ahead. Recognizing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes when remodeling.

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How to save money on your home energy bills

As reported by the Toronto Star, the obvious and easy way to cut your cost is to use as many high-energy appliances as you can between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., which is the cheapest time of use. Running the dryer or dishwasher at night will cost almost half as much as in the morning.

Another way is with an energy monitor. These relatively inexpensive devices track your usage in real time.

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Step-by-step tips for installing a kitchen backsplash

As blogged on homefixated.com, a backsplash can give your kitchen a sporty new look, and increase its value, without having to rob your kid’s college fund. There are a lot of options available: Porcelain, ceramic or marble tile are common choices, and glass mosaic tiles are hot these days. You can also find metal products, like pressed tin or stainless steel. They all look great. Make your spaghetti sauce disaster cleanup a lot easier, and installation is pretty easy.
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5 DIY ways to makeover a room for less than $50

As blogged on WiseBread.com, you want a fresh look for a room and you're low on funds. This doesn't mean you're stuck. It just means you need to get creative, spend some time, and invest some effort to infuse newness into your space. Here are five ideas to help you remake a room for $50 or less.

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Organizing tips for your kitchen

As blogged on StyleAtHome.com, sick and tired of trying 10 lids just to find the one that fits the pot you’re using, or digging through all the spices in your cupboard to find the oregano? Maybe it’s time to organize your kitchen once and for all. Here are 15 kitchen organizing tips that are guaranteed to make your kitchen easier and freer to work in, no matter how busy you are.

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Treat your Valentine! 3 quick tips to romanticize your home

As blogged on MrKate.com, with Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you are planning dates out on the town, some of you are hanging with friends or yourself or your pets and some of you may want to get beyond the pre-fixe menus and crowds of couples and make a romantic night of it at home. If home is where the heart is, here are my three easy tips to romanticize your home to ensure you have the bestest and smoochiest time in your own nest.

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What are the top home improvement investments for 2014?

As reported on TodaysHomeOwner.com, thinking about adding a deck or remodeling your kitchen to increase the value of your home? Check out Remodeling magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value stats to see which projects add the most return on your investment before you do.

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CMHC - Housing starts down in January

Housing starts in Canada were trending at 191,456 units in January compared to 194,518 in December, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The trend is a six-month moving average of the monthly seasonally adjusted annual rates (SAAR)1 of housing starts.

“The trend in housing starts decreased slightly in January, while the inventory of newly completed and unabsorbed units saw a modest downward trend in the last half of 2013. This is consistent with our expectation that builders will continue to gradually adjust activity in order to manage their levels of inventory,” said Mathieu Laberge, Deputy Chief Economist at CMHC.

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Yeah! Complicated real estate terms explained

As blogged on theloop.ca, If you are beginning the journey to purchase some real estate, prepare yourself to hear more technical terms and industry jargon. From payments to property rights, there seems to be a complicated term for almost everything and you’re stuck trying to sort it all out. To help you on your journey through the world of amortization, mortgage rates, pre-qualification and more, we’ve created the following guide to the ABCs of real estate-eze. Happy house hunting!

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Tips to fix those annoying squeaky floors in your home

HGTV.ca has a great blog on ways to fix a squeaky floor. If you have had one of these in your home, you know how annoying it is.

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Wood siding maintenance tips

As blogged on getmaintenance.net, wood siding is one in all the foremost lovely of every type of siding—and one in all the foremost high-ticket. If you’d prefer to avoid repairs that would price thousands of bucks, and you’d prefer to keep your clapboard, shingles, or board-and-batten lasting for many years, regular repairs and maintenance is vital.

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Tips to protect your home from unwanted visitors

As blogged on strategiesonline.net, many people don’t think about how secure their homes are merely because they assume that a break-in just won’t happen to them. However, they can and do happen, and it’s imperative that your home is prepared for the possibility. Here are a few ways you can protect your home from unwanted visitors.

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Is it time to "re-think" the home ownership dream in Canada?

As reported on CBC.ca, for generations, we've cultivated the home-ownership dream — the idea that rising house prices are a measure of the country's overall prosperity and one's own financial security.

Buying a home is what you do as an adult — it is how you settle down and raise a family.

It's also a good investment, and often a ticket to a secure retirement. Social pressure, government policy and, recently, historically low interest rates have encouraged all of that.

But maybe those are now outdated notions. Many young Canadians are already looking at them with skepticism. And perhaps we should all rethink the dream for a number of reasons.

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Tips for organizing your food storage containers

As blogged on Simplify101.com, the food storage containers in our home always seem to be jammed into a drawer. Trying to match a lid to the container can be challenging at times.

Thanks to this blog, there are some great organizing tips for everyone’s kitchen.

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12 DIY household cleaner recipes

Fabulesslyfrugal.com has a great blog with some self-made household cleaner recipes. From a fabric softener recipe to a dishwasher detergent recipe, these tips can save any household money and as well as friendlier to the environment.

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